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Teawan Tea Origins

梨山  Lishan

Mt. Lishan (Pear Mountain) is part of the Jade mountain range. This is where the highest mountains of Taiwan are found.

Lishan is the highest tea-growing region in Taiwan. Oolong tea plantations lie between 1800 meters and 2650 meters. These altitudes provide ideal conditions for oolong tea. Li Shan has a low temperature year-round with abundant moisture. The higher altitudes see winter snow and even during the spring oolong tea harvest there is a chill in the air. At an altitude of 2600 meters (~8500ft), there are only two oolong tea harvests per year. The lower altitudes on Li Shan can produce 3 harvests of oolong tea per year.

杉林  Shanlin

The Shanlinshi tea are harvested from tea trees cultivated at 1600 meters (~5300ft) above sea level, covered with clouds and misty weather throughout all year, and the soil is fertile and rainfall is moderate. The characteristics of Shanlinshi Tea are: bright and clear colored body, honey green glow, and rich flavor, sweet note, and smooth for the throat. The scenery here is exceptionally beautiful and the environment is naturally rain abundant and free from pollution.

阿里山  Alishan

Under the warming sunlight in the morning, and misty foggy  afternoon. The mountains of Alishan are gifted with pollution-free air and organic-rich soil as an excellent environment for producing high-quality and high-value tea trees, orchids, vegetables and fruits.
Maybe it’s the long-term nourishment of the mountains and nature, and the Oolong tea leaves from Mt. Alishan are bestowed with floral fragrance, even an amateur tea taster may find a slight meringue fragrance, light sweet fruity fragrance, when comparing Alishan Oolong with other type of tea. Occasionally, a note of passion fruit may be hinted within the cup.

鹿谷  Lugu

The world renowned Dong Ding Oolong Tea comes from Mt. Lugu, known as the mountainous areas of Nantou, the heart of Taiwan. Showered with Abundant rainfall and cool weather all year round on top of Icy Peak, hence the word Dong Ding (Icy Peak). With special withering and roasting techniques, the leaves are shaped into tender, tiny green-centered balls with curled black edges. After steeping, the leaves stretch open, producing a rich sweet flavor. Its lasting elegance and unique flavor has made itself the top choice of teas in Taiwan.