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Teawan’s Oolongs


Teawan provides dedicated premium grade Oolong tea leaves sourced from high mountains tea farms of Taiwan.Our focus and dedication with Taiwan’s Oolong tea delivers organic, hand-rolled, traditionally roasted loose teas to you and ensures you get the most benefit and experience out of the bag.
Whether it’s green, black, or Oolong, tea has been recognized by cultures around the globe for its capacity to provide arrays of health benefits from reducing heart and cancer risks to boosting immunity and promote better bodily function.
we strive to provide the quality experience to enjoy the tea of Taiwan – Oolong, focusing on delivering it’s a natural property of goodness to your body.
Teawan believed that tea should be consumed regularly as a part of all well-lived. A harmony of appeal to the senses of view, smell, and taste to the warmth to your palm.
Flavorful finish. Floral and Fruity in flavor, smooth and mellow in the mouth with a savoring finish that lingers and unfolds the flavor secret of tea before finally fading away.

Teawan’s Oolong is the pioneer of cold-brew Oolong teas. Taiwan renowned natural rainfall waters and its unique misty climate of varying temperature and humidity combine to provide the ideal conditions for growing Oolong tea plants. The hand picked tea leaves undergoes the most sophisticated techniques from oxidating to roasting. Taiwan Oolong is embraced as the outstanding quality of Oolong Teas for its  color, aroma, and flavor amongst other origins.

Taiwan Alpine Oolong 清香

Lightly oxidized and lightly roasted

Renowned Origin: Mt. Lishan, Mt. Shanlin

Traditional Oolong, especially those of fine quality, involve unique natural roasting technique, strong sun and oxidation, before  curling and twist into form. Which during the process, it had roasted its edge with amber red edges while maintain its natural light green center. Popular amongst all tea with fresh aroma and rich flavor.

Loose Leaves Color: Inky, Green, Jade

Tea Color: is represented golden honey color, clear and shined with emerald glow.

Flavor: Floral and Fruity in flavor, smooth and mellow in mouth with savoring finish that lingers.

Feature: Refreshing, smooth and mellow.

Taiwan Tea No. 12 (Milk Oolong) KingShuan / KingHsuan / JinXuan 金萱

Medium oxidized and no roast

Renowned Origin: Mt. Alishan

King Hsuan, also named Formosa Tea No. Twelve, has become famous for its uniquely smooth, sweet, fragrant flavor married with a traditional refreshing milky aroma. It has a cool, silky texture. Semi-oxidated and floral scented, King Hsuan draws extraordinarily refreshing flavor.

Loose Leaves Color:  Green, Jade

Tea Color: is represented golden honey color, clear and shined with citrine glow.

Tasting Notes: Exquisitely floral scented with sweet Osmanthus fragrance with hint of milky  flavor, smooth and mellow in mouth.

Feature:  King Hsuan’s unique floral fragrant and milky smooth flavor is popular amongst the amateur tea enthusiasts. Natural Milk Tea.

Dong Ding (Ice Peak) Lugu 凍頂

lightly oxidized and medium roasted

Renowned Origin: Lugu

The world renowned Dong Ding Oolong Tea comes from special withering and roasting techniques, after steeping, the leaves stretch open, producing a rich sweet flavor. Its lasting elegance, rich aroma and unique flavor has made itself the top choice of teas in Taiwan.

Loose Leaves Color: Inky, Dark Green, Jade

Tea Color: is represented golden honey color, clear and shined with amber glow.

Tasting Notes: Appealing floral yet toasty and woody in flavor that lasts, smooth and mellow in mouth with lingering savory finish.

Feature: Since the leaves are handpicked and carefully roasted for more than 20 hours, there’s no grassy taste and no harmful or harsh flavors to form!

Taiwan Tea No. 13 (Jade Oolong) 翠玉

Lightly oxidized and no roast

Unique Origin: Lugu

The unique feature of Tsui Yu Oolong Tea is its laurel bouquet with a gentle white butterfly lily finish. It is also named Formosa Tea no. Thirteen, another superior innovation invented to feature the attractiveness and distinctiveness of dual floral flavors in one.

Loose Leaves Color: Glossy Light Green

Tea Color: Clear Yellowish Amber

Tasting Notes: Sweet with Butterfly lily and Osmanthus aroma.

Feature: Tsui Yu’s flavor notes with Sweet with Butterfly lily and Osmanthus aroma, smooth  with lasting floral finish.

Oriental Beauty / Dong Fang MeiRen

Heavily-Oxidized No Roast

Oriental Beauty, aka Dongfang meiren, white-tip oolong, or Champagne Oolong is an exclusive tea originated in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Produced from tea plants that are grown without pesticides to encourage tea jassid to feed on the leaves. This method stimulates the plant’s defensive production that gives the tea a unique flavor. The leave tips also turn white, signaling that the tea had undergone a transformation of flavor. The tea has no bitterness, but exhibit a pleasant fruity aroma and honey-sweet flavor.

Loose Leaves Color: Dark Purple and Brown tones with white tip lining.

Tea Color: is represented bright reddish honey color, clear and shined with amber glow.

Tasting Notes: Exquistely fruity scented with sweet honey-like fragrance with hint of ripening. Smooth and mellow in the mouth, natural sweetness.

Feature: Oriental Beauty is most recognized by it transformation in flavor and appearance. It is 100% organic or it can never be an Oriental Beauty.

Oolong Black Tea / Crimson 烏龍紅茶

medium oxidized and lightly roasted

Black tea is fully oxidized, which blackens the leaves Black teas are distinct for their briskness and bold taste.

Dark teas are post fermented teas. This is a class of tea that has undergone microbial fermentation. The exposure of the tea leaves to humidity and oxygen during the process also causes endo-oxidation (derived from the tea-leaf enzymes themselves) and exo-oxidation (which is microbial catalyzed). The tea leaves and the liquor made from them become darker with oxidation. Dark teas give taste of earthy and autumn notes.

Loose Leaves Color: Dark Brown and Dark Green

Tea Color: Clear Dark Crimson

Tasting Notes: Full bodied and Roasty, earthy and malty notes.

Oolong Green Tea 烏龍綠茶​

no oxidation and lightly roasted

Teawan’s Oolong green tea originated from the high mountain of Nantou, Central mountains of Taiwan.
The tea is embellished with ample moisture and cool breeze, the plant that are blessed with perfect weather, which creates the perfect leaves(breed) with it fullness in its rich natural content, firm body, and taste.

Loose Leaves Color: Dark Green

Tea Color: Clear Emerald Green

Tasting Notes: Mellow and refreshing earthy sweet.


Like green tea, light oolong taste fresh and bright, and can manifest snappy vegetal and sunny-sweet flavors. But a kick of oxidation tends to bring out more floral characteristics, a rich, buttery body that lingers on your palate, and a rounded, airy quality more complex than your typical green.

Four Season Oolong 四季烏龍茶

Lightly oxidized and roasted

Four Seasons Oolong Tea can be categorized as an all-time tea leaves that can be harvested throughout the year, especially during the early spring and late winter for its rich and natural fragrance. Four Seasons Oolong

Loose Leaves Color:Dark Green

Tea Color: Clear Green

Tasting Notes: Fresh and Fragrant with a kick of grassy note.

Four Season’s commonly available throughout the season makes it a all time favorite for a tea enthusiast. Because it’s vastly cultivated, its flavor and roasting technique  may affect the taste and flavor differently.

Teawan tea leaves are always hand rolled whole leaves. This signifies that the Teawan tea leaves are always the leaves fresh off from the bush, never re-roasted or recycled.