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Health Conditioning, Heartburn Relief
運功散 & 胃散

Healthcare and Body Wellness

Muscle Pain and Soreness Relief
藥膏貼 & 乳膏

Incense, Joss Sticks and Vessels
上沈香 & 禮佛

Red Candles

Charms and Talisman
符咒 & 祈福

Benefits of Incense
Burning incense has deep calming effects on the mind and is also known for its abilities to rejuvenate the body & spirit. It can also be used as a cleanser as it can clear negative energies in surrounding areas.

Incense was originally used by the yogis of the East as a way of creating an atmosphere of serenity and harmony for their meditation practices. These yogis recognized that each of our senses could be enlightened leading to higher realms of experience and consciousness. The fragrances used became an important part of their journey of self-discovery and inner peace.