10 PCS Re-usable Antibacterial Fabric Masks. Made in Taiwan


10 PCS Reusable Antibacterial Fabric MasksReusable charcoal fiber mask, with a pocket for filter insert. Retains 93% Effectiveness after 10 washes. (Direct from Factory)

Please pair with medical-grade insert for maximum protection, this mask is fabric and can be used with extensive wash/time.

Charcoal Fabric Masks with a pocket for filters is only an anti-bacterial cloth mask, product is without medical-grade masks; please use it with medical-grade masks to maximize protection.

★ WATERPROOF LAYER- The mask has a water-proof outer-layer that prevents particles to infiltrate. The anti-bacterial filtration rate is 99%. The effect maintains at 93% after washing 10 times. Anti-pneumococcal. Anti-Staphylococcus aureus.

★ ADDITIONAL FILTER LAYER- If there is no medical mask/filter available, you can replace it with folded paper towels for an extra layer.

★ FEATURE – Deodorant, moisture absorption, perspiration, light and breathable material, comfortable touch, and elasticity. Can be hand washed more than 10 times.

★ WEARING – Can be used with medical masks/filters, simply put the mask covering your nose and mouth and pull the elastic string to the back of your ear to secure the mask.

★ The bamboo charcoal antibacterial mask contains no heavy metals and no toxic chemicals.

★ PROLONG USE – There is no discomfort when wearing it all day, can be sanitized by hand-washing, greatly reduce the waste of medical masks! compared to regular medical masks. It also extends the life of regular medical masks if used as an insert with this fabric mask.

★ QUALITY – High-quality products made in Taiwan. Product quality is certified by international SGS.


【Product specifications】

Size: Length 8.5 inch x Width 4.5 inch (before stretch)

Length 10.5 inch x Width 7.5 inch (after stretch)

Material: Bamboo carbon fiber 50%, polyester fiber 50%, zirconium carbon fiber polyester material

Origin: Taiwan

Color: Black


  1. This product is fabric masks, without medical-grade masks, please use it with medical-grade masks.
  2. This is a hygienic product, and no return is accepted
  3. Cleaning: HAND-WASH ONLY. Do not put in a washing machine, or dryer.
  4. Over-stretching will wear the elastics, please wear gently.
  5. Please use it with a medical mask.
  6. Hygienic products, please consider as appropriate before buying, if there are no major flaws, no return will be accepted.
Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 2 in


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