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[Premium] Oriental Beauty Loose Tea Leaves- 150G 特級東方美人


150g Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea Loose Leaves Vacuumed Pack – Supreme Grade 東方美人

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Oriental Beauty / DongFang Meiren / White Tip Oolong / Champagne Oolong / 東方美人

Oriental Beauty, aka Dongfang meiren, white-tip oolong, or Champagne Oolong is an exclusive tea originated in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Produced from tea plants that are grown without pesticides to encourage tea jassid to feed on the leaves. This method stimulates the plant’s defensive production that gives the tea a unique flavor. The leave tips also turn white, signaling that the tea had undergone a transformation of flavor. The tea has no bitterness, but exhibit a pleasant fruity aroma and honey-sweet flavor.

Loose Leaves Color: Dark Purple and Brown tones with white tip lining.

Tea Color: is represented bright reddish honey color, clear and shined with an amber glow.

Tasting Notes: Exquisitely fruity-scented with sweet honey-like fragrance with a hint of ripening. Smooth and mellow in the mouth, natural sweetness.

Feature: Oriental Beauty is most recognized by its transformation in flavor and appearance. It is 100% organic or it can never be an Oriental Beauty.


– Materials: Handpicked natural leaves
– Size of Serving: 150 ± 5 grams
– Preservation Period: 2 years upon opening the vacuumed packaging.

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in


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